Hello Parents of FLW Students!

Welcome back to school. If you have any medical concerns about your child that you need to share with me you can call or e-mail me. Also, medications for students can be dropped off in the nurse’s office. Student’s should not bring medication to school in their backpacks. The first day packets will have medical forms to be completed for your child. I’m looking forward to meeting parents at back to school night and am excited to be working with your children.

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Hello Parents of incoming kindergarten students!

I enjoyed meeting many of you at kindergarten registration.  Just a reminder that if you still need to send in medical paperwork you can mail it in or drop it off at the main office.  All incoming kindergarten students need a copy of a current physical, one accomplished after 9/1/2015 and a copy of current immunizations.  The physical form is available on the school web site under forms for parents.

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Hello Parents/Guardian of incoming kindergarten students for 2014 – 2015

It was great to meet so many parents/guardians during the kindergarten registration days at the end of May.  Just a reminder if you still need to turn in a copy of a current physical or updated immunizations you can drop them off in the main office here at FLW.

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Dressing for Recess

Remember to send you children to school with a hat, gloves or mittens and a warm coat.  That way they will be more comfortable when they go out to recess this winter.


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December News

snowflakeHello Parents,
Just a reminder that Friday, December 20th will be a half day.  I hope you have an enjoyable winter vacation.

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Nutrition Nuggets

Nutrition nuggets are available through the monthly bulletin and under my page titled Nutrition Nuggets.  They are filled with good exercise and nutrition ideas.


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Pre-school students

All pre-school students will need proof of a flu shot given by 12/31/13.

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Kindergarten Physical

A copy of a current physical is required for entrance into kindergarten.  Any physical done after September 1st, 2013 will be considered current.  The school physical form is on our school web site.  If possible this physical should be done near your child’s fifth birthday so his/her shots can be completed.  Your child’s physical must be completed before your child attends kindergarten in the fall.

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Kindergarten Immunizations Needed

The immunizations required by the NJ Department of Health before a child may enter school are as follows:

DTP – Four or more doses, with the last one given on or after the fourth birthday

IPV/OPV – Three or more doses, with the last one given on or after the fourth birthday

Measles or MMR – Two doses, the first dose must be given after the first birthday

Mumps & Rubella – One dose, MMR satisfies the requirement

Hepatitis B – A series of three doses

Chicken Pox Vaccine – One dose

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